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Equipment Rental

Terms and conditions*

When renting a wheel loader from Jean's Diesel Shop Ltd the lessee must sign a lease agreement stipulating the following:


The lessee must maintain an insurance on the equipment for the value of the equipment. In addition to the physical damage coverage for the equipment, we require general liability that mentions Jean's Diesel Shop Ltd. as additional insured and loss payee. A proof of insurance must be provided before the equipment leaves our premises.


The lessee acknowledges that the equipment is in good working condition, and further that the equipment shall be maintained and returned in the same working condition.


The lessee is solely responsible to supervise and ensure all operators are qualified and have been trained in the safe and proper use of equipment and to ensure all operators are covered by Worker's Compensation at their own expense.

* No exceptions will be made.

For any questions concerning the above terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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